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AvAv Happy Dog is Macedonia's first amusement park for dogs and their owners that was founded as a social enterprise and is made entirely of recycled materials, which is completely consistent with our values and beliefs about being responsible to animals, the environment, and the planet in general.

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Testimonials from our valued Clients

Finally, a place in Skopje that has never existed before! A place where we can bring our pets

Avav happy dog is exactly what Skopje needed. A place made with a lot of love, as evidenced by the positive energy of the team and staff who care about the same. Enjoyment in every way: playful pets, smiling owners, and flawless enjoyment. What made the biggest impression on me was the doggy park's upkeep in every way: service at the highest level, pet safety, and hygiene, which is especially important when it comes to animal companionship. I strongly advise those who have not visited AvAv to do so as soon as possible to provide their pet with a few hours of entertainment. On the other hand, I invite those who have not yet decided on a pet to come to the park and experience the unconditional love that the animals provide. Thank you for your hospitality, and I hope to see you again at AV AV HAPPY DOG.

A great setting and a creative concept for socializing and entertaining pets and their owners, a place where you can relax and play with your pet. The atmosphere simply makes you feel like part of a big family.

When we tell our French bulldog Efe that we're going to AvAv park, he gets so excited that we can barely get a leash around his neck. The hardest part, of course, is leaving AvAv, when we have to use all of our tricks to get him into the car.

I am very pleased and grateful to the AvAv park team. First and foremost, because of their genuine love, impeccable care, and concern for our Balder. Balder whined constantly while we were away, despite being left with our children. But when we returned, we were greeted by a happy dog, because Balder went to AvAv's kindergarten every day, where they made sure he was satisfied, played with, and fed.